Bambu Select

Double Donny

Bambu select is a small craft grow based out of Windsor, ON that entered the market not too long ago with their Double Donny. I spoke to the man behind the brand and he was kind enough to supply a sample as I hadn’t tried it before. I could tell the small team is working hard behind the scenes to promote their brand as authentically as possible and I appreciate that. 

Since I was lucky enough to give it a try, I thought I’d share my review with you all! 

Bambu Select - Double Donny 

Packaging | ⅗ 

I said it once & I’ll say it everytime : I don’t care for the bags and prefer jars but it does the trick. The bag is bold and stands out which is nice but it’s nothing special. The bag does contain information like terpene % and top 3 terpenes but it lacks all the information like lineage, cure, how it’s packaged which is all information I really like to see on the packaging so consumers can be educated a bit on the product they’ve purchased. 

Bag Appeal | ⅗ 

The bag was packed with two sizely buds, that were very gorgeous colors of various different greens & little bits of pistils throughout with a lovely bud structure. However the bag didn’t contain anything to preserve moisture and I found the buds to be fairly dry to the touch and the squish. Very unfortunate because the bud itself looked great! 

Taste & Aromas | ⅗ 

Let’s start with Aromas, you definitely are met with a pungent smell upon opening the bag, it’s musky, earthy with hints of pine & sweet maple notes. It’s a nice mix of sweet & earthy. The Flavours are funky/earthy/floral with some pine notes! However, it’s actually a fairly harsh smoke. I really do think the harshness comes from how dry it was. I think if it had a better moisture content it would have a better, more enjoyable bold flavor. I think a simple & small change could really improve this bud. 

The Burn | ⅗ 

The burn was a mix of white & black ash a little more black speckled then i'd usually like. It had a thick smoke and like mentioned above had a lingering harshness to it that left a tickle in my throat. 

The Effects | ⅘ 

The effects were heavier than I expected, very cerebral and heavy behind the eyes. It mellowed out into the perfect couch lock vibe, it was euphoric yet sleepy. My body felt heavy & relaxed. It was definitely a couch and a movie kind of high for me personally. It was far less functional then I assumed it would be.  

The Burnout | ⅗ 

The burnout was real, within an hour or so I was ready for bed. My eyes were heavy and the yawns kept coming. However I didn’t have any headache or any undesired effects. This strain did make me insanely thirsty, like I’d be walking in the desert for days LOL. It wasn’t a bad burnout, I can’t really complain. If I was looking for a bedtime strain this would be great for me. 

Overall | 19/30 

I did enjoy it but felt it lacked in a few categories.

It was a great night time/bedtime strain for me, the aromas were phenomenal & it was a pretty nice looking flower and in a decent price range for a Craft grown eighth.

 There is room for improvement and I believe some small changes could make a big impact! As the company grows I’ll be interested in seeing what they offer and how they progress.